Hello everyone and welcome to The Balding Buddha – a personal blog/website/everything else for Nikhil Menon. Speaking about the author a bit here, he was born on a balmy February night in the year 1989 in Kochi, Kerala. He has lived most of my life in Madras, India and is presently a permanent resident of the city.

He has graduated from the MIT Portugal ProgramMasters in Complex Transport Infrastructure Systems, having undergone his master degree dissertation at Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisbon (Tecnico Lisboa) and is currently on the lookout for exciting, intellectually stimulating opportunities in the field of Transportation Systems. Prior to this, he has received his Bachelors in Civil Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Calicut India.

Teaching is something that interests him a lot and he has served in limited capacities as a volunteer for the Teach for India program and also as the Student Coordinator for Project PRISM, a government of Kerala initiative during my bachelors in Calicut.

Writing is another of his passions that he associates himself a lot with and his wish is to turn full time some day. Other interests include travel, photography, sports, music and movies.

You can reach him via email at nikhilmenon2006(at)gmail(dot)com. He is also widely active on Facebook,  TwitterLinkedIn and Academia.edu .